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    Clover Honey
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    Clover Honey


    Crown Range Cellar White Clover Honey comes from the Southern farming pastures of the South Island. This is the area where the purest and best white clover honey is produced. HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT: White clover is a legume which holds nitrogen fixing abilities. Growing clover significantly reduces the need to add nitrogen fertilisers to our soils, which has a major benefit for the environment. Our bees play a critical role by pollinating the clover to maintain a seed bank for reproduction. It has been estimated that the free pollination the bees perform, while collecting nectar from the white clover, contributes about NZD$2billion to the New Zealand Economy each year. There is also the major environmental benefit of reduced fertiliser use on the land.

    NZ $34.78


    100% Natural New Zealand CloverHoney

    Light and creamy texture in an almost white colour.

    A sweet honey with a hint of sweet apple/pear aroma.

    Great as a spread on fresh bread or scones. Add to a delicious glaze over New Zealand Lamb.