Our Vision

We are a kind of non-traditional wine producer that strives to break the mould and embrace the philosophy that it is not only possible, but desirable, to create exceptional, premium wines (and foods) unfettered by the limitations of land ownership. 

Over lunch in a local central Otago Japanese restaurant, we took inspiration from the outside view of the South Island’s Crown Range. Being our spiritual home we decided this is where our adventure would begin. Crown Range Cellar was born off a scribble on a napkin. Fitting, because the area surrounding the Crown Range was the primary source of our much loved produce.  

We wondered, could the envelope be pushed? Could great wine be made outside the confines of the norm? Questions among many that we would answer as Crown Range Cellar developed. On our side, we had youthful enthusiasm and wise industry experience. To answer our questions we aligned our vision and techniques. We would push boundaries and freely experiment with different styles of winemaking. We would ensure our produce was characterised by the carefully chosen land and fruit parcels. To this day our vision is our bearing and we stay true to our philosophy. 

Exciting possibilities beckoned and today we are unobstructed by any one location, free to create exceptional produce. We pair ideal land and conditions with committed artisans to create magic. We believe that no one really owns land; we are merely just looking after it for future generations. As such, our Crown Range Cellar family is made up of in-house masters focused solely on their area of expertise.

Our Philosophy

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitÅ« te whenua  (Maori Proverb)
As man disappears from sight, the land remains

At Crown Range Cellar, our company born in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we invited talented artisans to interpret the characteristics of a hand-selected piece of land and fruit to produce a product they are deeply passionate about.
We believe that as land carries on, we do not, so we never really own anything beyond our skills and the work of our hands. We are flexible to select the finest vintage from our best producers to offer only the best quality produce. In our opinion, the “best” wine is the one you enjoy the most. Our “world’s best” accolades serve only as a guide to show we are on the right path.  

At Crown Range Cellar, our business model and philosophy is to identify the most fertile land, where the most ideal conditions exist for what we want to do. We take pride in producing something that inspires everyone to enjoy a personal and fun multi-sensory experience. 

We take a step back and the result is pure magic. Our fruit and produce is characterised by the land and we are left with Mother Nature’s own flavours.