Have you ever wondered why you may love the taste of something one day and then the next just feel like it was okay?  Well there is a movement that suggests what and how we taste is affected by more than just our tongue, but also by our environment.  We have been exploring the relationship between how and what we taste in our wine and what we are surrounded by.  It is amazing how sounds can change what we “get” from the wine experience.  So we are starting this journey with music, come along with us and explore all the senses.

Working with Jo Burzynska, we are pairing her original compositions with the wines to enhance the flavours and enjoyment of our wines.  Pair the music with our wines and start your own multisensory journey.  

About Jo Burzynska (Music creator)

Jo Burzynska is a wine journalist, author and judge who writes one of New Zealand’s most widely read weekly wine columns in her role as Wine Editor of the New Zealand Herald’s Viva magazine and is the author of Wine Class: All you need to know about wine in New Zealand (Random House). She is also an active sound artist who combines her interests in taste and sound in various multisensory projects, such as the curating the wine and music list at the world’s first wine and sound bar, The Auricle and this collaboration with Crown Range Cellars.

After conducting extensive experiments into the profound effect sound has on the perception of taste and communicating with leading scientists in this area, she has created numerous multisensory works, very often using wine, and is just about to commence a practice-led PhD further exploring the intersection between the senses and creating work from this research. Past works include Oenosthesia, a sound and wine installation most recently exhibited at Italy’s national museum of contemporary art, MAXXI in Rome.

Crown Range Cellar Wine and Music Project

In collaboration with Crown Range Cellar, Jo has created two short pieces of music that have been specifically composed to complement two of Crown Range Cellar’s wines.

The first is a piece Jo created for Crown Range Cellar Signature Pinot Noir that evokes a call and response across the mountains. The wine’s concentrated and smooth character is echoed by the rich timbre and legato melody of a cello and the soft background drone created from the sound of bells. While these deeper notes bring out the savoury character, the treble of the birds recorded for the piece emphasise its aromatics and freshness.

Crown Range Cellar Signature Pinot Noir
Composer: Jo Burzynska | Cellist: Helen Greenfield

Signature Selection Pinot Noir 2015: Bright garnet color with dried rose petals, red cherry and cinnamon spice on the nose. A long and highly aromatic palate with layers of sweet red fruit, fresh florals and rosemary with wild thyme spice.

The second is a track composed for the Drowsy Fish Pinot Gris by the electronic pop artist, Misfit Mod aka Sarah Kelleher. Following a tasting and brief by Jo, Sarah created a piece of music whose gentle beats and ethereal pop sensibility reinforce the bright and fresh character of the Pinot Gris.

Crown Range Cellar Drowsy Fish Pinot Gris
Composer and performer: Sarah Kelleher

Drowsy Fish Pinot Gris 2015: Freshly baked spiced apple pie, with rich pineapple fruit notes, layers of crisp apples, luscious pears & white peaches.

This piece was created through a collaboration between Jo, fellow sound artist Malcolm Riddoch and the musician Hamish Oliver. The instruments used are the traditional Chinese Hulusi and Dizi flutes, which draw on the cultural roots of the wine. These flutes were also selected for the suitability of their pitches and timbres to complement the characters of this fresh and lighter Pinot Noir with its ripe sweet fruit. The smooth timbre of the Hulusi, on which Hamish plays the main melody, works with the smooth texture of the wine, while its freshness is heightened by the high pitched chorus of Dizi flutes.

Crown Range Cellar China Girl Pinot Noir
Composer: Malcolm Riddoch  
Impovised performance: Hamish Oliver

China Girl Pinot Noir 2014: Deep garnet hue with enticing aromas of plum, dark cherry, cardamom and mocha. Blackberry, bittersweet chocolate and baking spice on the palate with pronounced yet velvety tannins and a beautiful backbone of acidity